Best Budget-Friendly Android Smartphones in 2022 From Samsung, Google

The days are long gone when purchasing an Android smartphone meant paying an insane amount of money.

Even smartphones that are designed to be more affordable have evolved in recent years.

Nowadays, we now have a plethora of options when it comes to budget Android phones packed with great features without the hefty price tag.

The quality and functionality of these phones are not compromised, despite the fact that they are priced more affordably than other models.

The majority of low-cost smartphones offer features that are comparable to those found on high-end phones. Some devices even have 5G support.

Although there is a possibility that you will need to make some concessions, the features you get for the price that you are paying will more than make up for it.

If you are looking for an android phone on a budget, here is a list of the best budget android phone 2022 that you can look at to know what suits you best.

Google Pixel 6

First one in our list is an Android phone from Google, the Google Pixel 6. Pixel is the flagship Android smartphone of the tech company.

Pixel 6 launched last year in October 2021 with Android 12 as its operating system with a battery life that is sufficient for the most part.

With the Google Pixel 6, you can get a lot of high-end features for a reasonable price. These features include a camera with a high resolution and a large display.

The front camera of the device functions at 8 MP, f/2.0, while the rear camera captures at 50 megapixel.

The camera on the Google Pixel 6 is extremely cutting-edge, and it comes equipped with a variety of helpful features such as a quick focus, a variety of lighting features, and a variety of intelligent photo editing features.

Pixel 6 weighs at 207 grams and has a display of 6.4″ AMOLED 1080 x 2400 90Hz and a 158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9 mm dimension.

It has a memory capacity of 128GB up to 256GB, although the drawback is that this phone does not have a card slot. But the generous memory capacity definitely makes up for it.

The price of this device would range from $449 to $699 according to Google.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

The second one on our list of the best budget Android phone 2022 is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. The Galaxy A53, which debuted in 2022, provides you with access to a plethora of Samsung features and powerful hardware at a price that is much more affordable than the S-series.

This Samsung phone has a significantly larger and a camera cluster that is more versatile than that of the iPhone SE.

Despite this, fans of Samsung will be pleased with what they are getting here, especially when considering the low price. Galaxy A53 has a battery that lasts a long time, a slot for a microSD card that allows for expandable storage, and a well-updated Android operating system.

Taking everything into consideration, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a good option for people who place a high value on having a large screen and a long battery life for a price that is less than $500.

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Samsung Galaxy A03S

Another decently priced budget phone from Samsung is the Galaxy A03S at $160.

The Samsung Galaxy A03S comes with a multitude of useful features and could be an excellent choice for someone looking for the most affordable phone that is still capable of performing the majority of necessary functions.

The maximum resolution of the 6.5-inch screen on the phone is 720p, making it ideal for viewing videos, playing games, and reading the latest news.

Because the phone’s storage space is only 32 gigabytes, it is possible that the space will be used up quickly; therefore, if you are considering purchasing this phone, it may be worthwhile to consider expanding the storage using a microSD card.

In addition, Samsung intends to support this phone with at least four years’ worth of security updates, which, given that the phone ships with Android 11 out of the box, is as good as it gets in this price range.

Apple iPhone SE

Lastly, this one might not be an Android phone, but this recommendation will be suitable for users out there who are used to the Apple ecosystem that are looking for an affordable phone.

As we usually know, Apple has always placed hefty price tags on its devices. However, the iPhone SE 2022 can be a more decently priced device compared to its other phones.

According to CNET, The new iPhone SE released by Apple this year costs around $429, will combine an older design with the most recent smartphone features, such as the company’s most recent A15 Bionic chip and support for 5G networks.

 is also one of the very few phones available on the market that has a screen that is only 4.7 inches in size.

However, the throwback design, which maintains the general shape that Apple has been using since 2014, is the aspect of this phone that you might enjoy the most or dislike the most, depending on your perspective.

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