Door Ringer Wi-Fi video doorbell keeps you connected to home

Feel uneasy answering the door when you don’t know who’s there? Get visitor notifications before the doorbell even rings with the Door Ringer.

Know exactly who’s at the door, wherever you are, with the Door Ringer Wi-Fi video doorbell. This practical gadget is completely wireless and allows you to hear, see, and speak to visitors right from your smartphone.

Standard doorbells just don’t cut it anymore. When you can screen your calls with caller ID, you should certainly be able to know who’s ringing your doorbell.

With the Door Ringer, you get 1080p HD video footage of your visitor, 2-way communication, and much more—no matter where you are.

Door Ringer
Door Ringer front view

Get visitor notifications, anywhere, with this video doorbell

One anxiety people have about travel, or being away from home for any period, is leaving their house unattended. Luckily, with the Door Ringer’s integrated PIR motion sensor, you’ll know when someone’s at the front door.

The sensor triggers the geofencing alerts feature, sending you real-time notifications about the movement to your smartphone, no matter where you are.

That’s right, you could be out of the country, and—as long as you have a mobile connection—you’ll receive the notification. Whether it’s your child coming home from school, the delivery person bringing that game console your ordered, or an unknown visitor acting suspiciously, you’ll know about it.

Door Ringer
Door Ringer tilted

Enjoy high-quality video footage and night vision

What’s more, this Wi-Fi video doorbell delivers 1080p HD video quality, ensuring a smooth, clear image. It lets you easily distinguish your neighbor from the UPS lady and a package from the neighborhood cat. With footage this clear, there won’t be any mishaps.

What’s more, with a 170° wide-angle camera lens, it lets you see all around your front porch. This is useful because it gives you a view of anything your visitor might be carrying.

What happens at night? Well, then you’ll use the doorbell’s infrared-enabled night vision for clear vision in the dark. With it, you can clearly see if it’s your partner or someone else coming home from work.

Door Ringer
Door Ringer side view

Talk to your visitors with the 2-way talk feature

Seeing visitors at your doorstep is only a small part of all the security features a premium video doorbell should offer. Equally important is a 2-way-talk feature, which you’ll find on the Door Ringer.

It allows you to hear and talk to your visitors. This comes in handy for asking a delivery person to hide a package behind a hedge or to communicate with your kids. It’s also great for scaring off would-be intruders.

Door Ringer
Door Ringer from all angles

Install this smart video doorbell in a snap

So, you’d like to invest in a smart doorbell but don’t know how to install it? That’s not a problem with the Door Ringer. It’s pretty easy to install with its completely wire-free design and mountable bracket.

Door Ringer YouTube video

Get 8 to 12 months of battery life

You love the look and easy installation of wireless gadgets. But often, they need a battery change several times a year. That’s not the case with this Wi-Fi video doorbell.

In fact, it runs on just 3 batteries that need to be swapped only every 8 to 12 months. So you could use this smart home device for up to a year without buying new batteries.

Connect to your door from anywhere with this smart doorbell

Just how does the Door Ringer connect with your smartphone? It’s compatible with 2.4G Wi-Fi. Thanks to this connectivity, you can answer the door while on vacation, at the office, or running errands.

Record events outside your door

Do you see someone unfamiliar on the video feed? This Wi-Fi video doorbell lets you record them in HD. So if, in the end, they do break into your home, you’ll have clear video footage of the crime and who perpetrated it.

Don’t worry about the weather with this waterproof doorbell

Finally, you don’t have to worry about rainy or otherwise inclement weather with the Door Ringer. Since it’s waterproof, it can withstand wet weather like rain, sleet, and snow.

Read our final thoughts

With the Door Ringer, it’s time to bring your doorbell into the 21st century. Its real-time notifications let you know about visitors even before they ring, no matter where you are. Moreover, the 1080p HD video and 2-way-talk features let you see, hear, and talk to anyone at your doorstep.

Secure your home by getting the Door Ringer. It’s $99.99 on the official website.

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