Facing internet, network connectivity issues with your phone? Here’s how to rectify

Having a good internet connection is one of the most crucial things these days. This is primarily because many things related to work and entertainment can be done only with good network and internet connectivity.

If you have been facing challenges that are not limited to your network operators, here are a couple of more reasons that could be affecting internet connectivity in your phone and ways to correct them –

Figure out the cause of the problem

If your phone is showing internet problems or you are not able to communicate properly on the phone, try distancing yourself from other electromagnetic induction devices placed around it

You can also switch off other devices to reduce the electromagnetic waves, which can block the phone’s network. Internet router and current lamps can often lead to a block.

Check other settings too

If the above-mentioned solutions don’t resolve your problem, check whether the problem is happening with any other device too. Connectivity issues can also occur due to sim settings.

Android users can resolve issues by resetting the mobile network in settings. You can manually select your mobile network operator in your phone’s settings.

Those who are using iOS will have to go to Settings and click mobile + SIM. Thereafter, open the SIM settings and go to the network section and then search your mobile network. This way you can select your operator manually.

If the problem still persists, consider speaking to your telecom operator.

Some other solutions

If you are not able to browse through websites on the internet, try putting your phone in ‘airplane’ mode and then turn it on. This way you will get better network connectivity.

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