Hackers leak 190GB of alleged Samsung data, source code

Hackers leak huge cache of alleged confidential Samsung data, source code

The Lapsus$ data extortion group leaked today a huge collection of confidential data they claim to be from Samsung Electronics, the South Korean giant consumer electronics company.

The leak comes less than a week after Lapsus$ released a 20GB document archive from 1TB of data stolen from Nvidia GPU designer.

Gang teases Samsung data leak

In a note posted earlier today, the extortion gang teased about releasing Samsung data with a snapshot of C/C++ directives in Samsung software.

Lapsus$ extortion group teasing Samsung data leak

Shortly after teasing their followers, Lapsus$ published a description of the upcoming leak, saying that it contains “confidential Samsung source code” originating from a breach.

  • source code for every Trusted Applet (TA) installed in Samsung’s TrustZone environment used for sensitive operations (e.g. hardware cryptography, binary encryption, access control)
  • algorithms for all biometric unlock operations
  • bootloader source code for all recent Samsung devices
  • confidential source code from Qualcomm
  • source code for Samsung’s activation servers
  • full source code for technology used for authorizing and authenticating Samsung accounts, including APIs and services

If the details above are accurate, Samsung has suffered a major data breach that could cause huge damage to the company.

Lapsus$ split the leaked data in three compressed files that add to almost 190GB and made them available in a torrent that appears to be highly popular, with more than 400 peers sharing the content. The extortion group also said that it would deploy more servers to increase the download speed.

Lapsus$ torrent for the Samsung data leak

Included in the torrent is also a brief description for the content available in each of the three archives:

  • Part 1 contains a dump of source code and related data about Security/Defense/Knox/Bootloader/TrustedApps and various other items
  • Part 2 contains a dump of source code and related data about device security and encryption
  • Part 3 contains various repositories from Samsung Github: mobile defense engineering, Samsung account backend, Samsung pass backend/frontend, and SES (Bixby, Smartthings, store)

It is unclear if Lapsus$ contacted Samsung for a ransom, as they claimed in the case of Nvidia.

BleepingComputer has contacted Samsung for a statement about the Lapsus$ data leak and will update the article when the company replies.

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