Last Floppy-Disk Seller Says Airlines Still Order the Old Tech

  • Tom Persky, founder of, sells and recycles the archaic storage units.
  • He claims in a new book that the airline sector is a single of his biggest buyers.
  • “Likely 50 percent of the air fleet in the entire world today is much more than 20 a long time old,” he reported.

The archaic floppy disk evidently is not as obsolete as we thought in the US.

Whilst they’re a relic of a different time, at least 1 marketplace is still interested in the storage devices, according to the particular person who claims to be “very last guy standing in the floppy disk business.”

Tom Persky, the founder of — which sells and recycles floppy disks — reported that the airline market is one particular of his biggest customers in the new e-book “Floppy Disk Fever: The Curious Afterlives of a Flexible Medium” by Niek Hilkmann and Thomas Walskaar.

“My biggest customers — and the location exactly where most of the dollars comes from — are the industrial people,” Persky stated, in an interview from the ebook published on the internet in Eye On Structure past 7 days. “These are men and women who use floppy disks as a way to get info in and out of a device. Picture it is really 1990, and you might be developing a major industrial device of just one kind or a different. You style it to final 50 decades and you would want to use the most effective technology accessible.”

Persky included: “Just take the airline sector for example. Most likely 50 % of the air fleet in the planet today is more than 20 a long time old and however takes advantage of floppy disks in some of the avionics. Which is a huge consumer.”

He also stated that the clinical sector even now employs floppy disks. And then you will find “hobbyists,” who want to “obtain ten, 20, or maybe 50 floppy disks.”

Floppy disks created information recently when Japan’s digital minister, Taro Kano, declared “a war” on the devices, tweeting previously this thirty day period that Japan’s digital agency would alter restrictions requiring organizations to use floppy disks and CDs, instead shifting to on the web providers.

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